A look at small, large, weird, cool, wonderful, games and their contents, packages, monthly crates, and more.


Resident Evil 2: The Board Game


Join me as I take a quick look into the Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Kickstarter Edition, including expansions and some exclusive sculpts! 

September Board Game Crate


60 Second Unboxing of this months Board Game Crate, a monthly subscription where they look at your liked and disliked games on and then send out games they think you'll enjoy.

This is my third box of a 3 box pre-pay sub

Food Truck Champion


A quick look inside the box of Food Truck Champion, all the components and some of the cards and art.

Designers: Nicole Jekich, Luke Turpeinen

Artist: Claire Donaldson

Published: Daily Magic Games

August Board Game Crate


A 60 second look into this months curated Board Game Crate. A monthly service where you pay a sub and they send you a box of games you might like based on your BGG games and wish list.

This is the second box from a 3 month sub I purchased myself.