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Select stories from the BG world for 28/05/18

UKGE 2018

UKGE 2018

This weekend sees thousands of punters descend upon the Birmingham NEC Arena for one of the biggest weekends in board gaming in the world. The 12th annual UK Games Expo will be running from Friday to Sunday and will be looking to top last years 32’000 attendees. There’s plenty big name publishers like Games Workshop and Czech Games Edition as well as great indie stalls and in development games to play. Not to mention the live events that go on through the day and evening like the excellent Dark Room, an interactive game where the crowd gets to shout at hapless volunteers for a good hour.

UKGE is always one of my favorite weekends of the year, a chance to really get stuck in with some new games, get some bargains from the stalls and play as much as possible at the hundreds of booths. Plenty of pics to follow next week.


Cosmic Anniversary Edition announced

Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition box

Using the word Cosmic 26 times in one press release to break some sort of record, FFG have announced a new edition of their seminal space strategy game, Cosmic Encounter. The first edition came out way back in 1977, a long 41 years ago. It’s not entirely clear why this is called the 42nd edition then, but there we go.

From the sounds of things, the game is going to have updated rule-books and a few other small bits but no other major changes, meaning the all the expansions should all be compatible and players with the 2008 version aren’t forced to upgrade. More of a new version for store shelves to get newer players in then, which is never a bad thing. As typical of an FFG announcement article, there is no hard date on when this will be out, but expect it in Q3 of this year.


Get! Clanked!

Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! box

Clank! is an awesome deck-building board game hybrid from Renegade Games. Clank! In! Space! Is also an awesome deck-building board game hybrid from Renegade Games. More Clank! is a good thing in my book, so it’s good news that Renegade have just announced a new expansion for Clank! In! Space! called Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! With so many exclamation marks, it just has to be good.

Containing new boards and a heap of new cards, this boxed expansion will be available to lucky visitors to Gen Con this year, or to the rest of us mortals in August.

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