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Select stories from the Video game world for the last week.

Apple not letting out steam

Steam logo

Valve’s official Steam Link app launched on Android last week that, much like their Steam Link box, let users stream games from their beefed up PC to their smaller screens. The iOS version was nowhere to be found however, and via kotaku, it sounds like Apple denied certification for the app on grounds of ‘business conflicts’. Maybe Apple were unhappy with users having a way to mirror steam on an iPhone and buy games without grabbing their 30% cut, but there are plenty of screen share and screen mirroring apps already on the app store. Either way, seems like a pretty dick move and hopefully they will change their mind (HAH!) or sort out some sort of deal with Valve to get it on there.


Sushido, demo, sushidemo….

Sushi Striker cover image

One of the more quirky and interesting looking titles from a recent Nintendo Direct was for Sushi Strikers: Way of the Sushido. Bright colours and some tasty looking nigiri made this connect-the-food puzzle game stand out among the other titles on show. It’s made by Indieszero, the same people that made the awesome Final Fantasy rhythm 3DS title Theatrythm, which I sunk plenty of time into. It's almost a full price title however at £40, normally well above what you'd normally pay for a game like this. Luckily there’s a demo now available on the Switch eShop which should give a good impression if this is worth it. I'm looking forward to giving it a go, in fact it's downloading right now.


Tell tales less often

Wolf Among Us Season 2 logo

Telltale Games announced this week that probably their most anticipated upcoming series - The Wolf Among Us S2 - is being delayed into 2019. Perhaps not surprising since they laid off 90 members of staff last November and have had a management reshuffle which probably rejigged their priorities and timelines in a major way. Telltale’s most recent output has been mixed, being inconsistent both in schedule and in quality. In particular their game engine appears to have been held together by masking tape almost since Walking Dead S1 came out. While they took on more and more series the strain on it appeared to get worse and worse, with the bugs and jank finally outweighing the story beats, making people lose interest. If they’re taking time out to actually improve their underlying tech then this can only be a good thing going forward though, and might bring back players who were burnt out on their releases years ago (eg me)


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