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The Week in BG

Select stories from the BG world for the last week



So the dust has settled for another year on the UK Games Expo, and what a great weekend it was. 3 days of non-stop gaming, chatting, shopping, demoing and being surrounded by likeminded folk all there to have a great time. UKGE have reported that around 21’700 unique visitors came through the doors with total turnstiles of around 39’000, and they say everything from floor space to exhibitors and attendance was up 30% on last year, which is a huge increase on what was already a massive show. I’m working on a detailed post to share later in the week with plenty of pics of what we managed to play.



Fantasy Flight Games have released the latest FAQ for their Cthulhu themed living card game, Arkham Horror: The Card Game. The updated FAQ comes as they enter their third big box cycle, The Forgotten Age. One of my favorite games of late, Arkham is incredibly thematic and can really pull you into it’s world, so there’s nothing worse than getting stuck on a rules query, or having to google answers to particular interactions. The FAQ aims to clear up a few points on some cards that forum goers have been asking about, as well as some rules clarifications surrounding when a weakness card counts as a player card and when it counts as an encounter card. While these FAQ releases are super important in the rest of FFG’s game catalogue due to their competitive nature, I feel they are less so for Arkham as we always try to stay on theme with the Arkham game by choosing the ruling that would be worse for our party if there is ever multiple interpretations around the table. This keeps the game moving and really makes it feel like the odds are even more against you. Still, it’s nice to have the FAQ to refer to and also to get some of the more contentious things cleared up for future games.


…aaand more Cthulhu

“Something has awoken the Great Old Ones. An unstoppable incantation has begun, and the fate of the world lies in the hands of a few brave Investigators.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. That hasn’t stopped Cool Mini or Not from using it to announce a new Cthulhu themed game that will be coming to Kickstarter (another “…of course”) later this year. What makes this intriguing though is that it is being designed by Eric M. Lang (Rising Sun, Blood Rage) and Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy) two of board gaming’s biggest names. Not many details out just yet for Cthulhu: Death May Die except the interesting decision to have the player characters already starting to show signs of insanity as the game begins, which is slightly different, must give them that. One thing that can be guaranteed though, this should come with a veritable boat load plenty of miniatures by the time the KS ends.


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