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​Some news for the BG and VG worlds! From Venture Beat, Asmodee Digital have announced that they are bringing their digital version of Carcasonne to the Nintendo Switch in the winter of this year. The game is already available on Android and PC but this marks the first of their digital offerings that is coming to Nintendo’s handheld platform. In the announcement they mention this is the first of many titles to come to the platform, so we should expect more in the coming months and years. This is awesome news, when you consider that Asmodee currently owns…well, nearly everybody. After the initial wave of ‘classics’ like Catan, TTR & Pandemic it will be good to see what other titles they want to digitise. Ashes could easily be reborn as a digital living card game, and a narrative based single player version of T.I.M.E. stories would definitely be worth playing. So while Carcasonne on the go might not be one to buy on day one, this is the signal of exciting things to come!


Let’s Go Go Go Pikachu

A whole bunch of Pokémon news dropped last week, all for the Nintendo Switch. Firstly a free to play downloadable ​

lets go pika

​game was announced and released to the store. Pokémon Quest is a departure from the standard handheld Pokémon games, it’s an action RPG that stars Pokémon as cube like animals that look like they wouldn’t be too out of place on a Minecraft server. The game is free to download and start but supported by micro-transactions. The biggest news however was the announcement of 2 new Switch games Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee. The Let’s Go games are recreations of Pokémon Yellow, one of the original adventures in the Kanto region, and contain only the first (and still best) (by far) 151 Pokémon. Players start with a Pikachu or Eevee depending on the version – obviously Eevee - who will follow the player around just like in the original Yellow. The main gameplay difference appears to be closer ties with Pokémon Go, with random turn-based battles in long grass completely replaced with the Pokémon catching game from the mobile game. This game can even be completely controlled by a new Pokéball controller, letting players pretend to be Ash and chuck the thing about to catch them Pokémon's. You’ll also be able to bring your own Pokémon across from the mobile game, if you're still playing it. The games are out on November 16th of this year. And if the Go-ness doesn’t float your boat, then it’s good news that these are not the new, big ‘core’ Pokémon games that Nintendo teased they were working on last year. Fingers crossed for that to be a fully 3D online RPG out next year.


More ways to p(l)ay

destiny 2: forsaken

​​Bungie have announced the next big expansion for their sci-fi looty-shooty game Destiny, and it's called Forsaken. Available at the beginning of September, on the surface there seem to be a lot of cool changes, like adding random perks on to weapons to give players a reason to grind for better versions (something they removed from D1), and a new half PvE half PvP game mode called Gambit. But the 2 DLC packs that dropped so far for Destiny 2 were pretty sub-par, much like the game itself, so it might be best to wait and see how this is received. They have also announced that it is going to cost £36 for the DLC, and then a further £25 for an Annual Pass that will include various DLC bits throughout the year. The fact there are very few details on the Annual Pass, other than it won't include big story missions like the DLC packs so far, and the fact it is so expensive is worrying. Will players buy the DLC Pass for the DLC pack for the game that most people bounced off of shortly after completing it? Unfortunately, probably...

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