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The Week in VG - BURNOUTish, Switchbox Live & Steam


Why won't EA have Criterion make a new Burnout? It makes no sense, the recent release of Burnout Paradise was met with huge enthusiasm and great reviews, and Burnout Revenge (the best one in the series) coming to X1 Back Compat was a success as well. Everyone loves Burnout, and the last few years of Need for Speed games have all been terrible. EA, please make a new Burnout.

Until then, we have some of the original creators of Burnout who formed a new studio after leaving Criterion, trying to fill the gaps in our hearts. Three Fields Entertainment have announced 2 new games this week, the first is a sequel to their 2017 game Danger Zone, creatively called Danger Zone 2. Danger Zone is essentially crash mode from Burnout, but this new one is set on real roads, like the M1 motorway in the UK, and the freeways of the USA. Danger Zone was a bit of a let down content wise when it came out, so hopefully this has improved things.

The other game announced though, called Dangerous Driving, is a track racing game that features racing, takedowns, smashes, and crashed. This sounds a lot like the old Burnout 1 and 2 racing, and could be really awesome. It's out this winter and will definitely be keeping an eye on it.

We used to get crash and race modes all in one game, but all of Three Fields Entertainments games so far have been not full price titles, so giving people just the mode they want for less cash might be a smart way to separate these out.


Hot off the back of the Fortnite PS4 lock in controversy last week, Nintendo have put out a video showcasing the cross-play in Minecraft between Xbox and Switch. Minecraft, similar to Fortnite, let's you play with your friends between the two consoles, but Sony prevents this on the PS4. The video shows people playing on Xbox and Switch, and even ends with both of the company's logos together.

I can't even think of the last time 2 of the big game companies joined up like this for a trailer, and just goes to show what Sony's anti-consumer stance is having on the competition, making Microsoft and Nintendo actively come out in unison to throw some shade Sony's way. In fact the game is now cross-play between Xbox, Switch, Windows 10, Android and iOS. You even log in with your Xbox Live account on the Switch and can unlock achievements, which is frankly mental.

Hopefully this isn't the only thing MS and Ninty are collaborating on, and they really start to embrace the cross-play life, maybe Chief will appear in Smash or we will see games like Ori or State of Decay ported to the Switch. A man can dream.


STEAM SALE ALERT! The yearly Summer Sale is upon us, which means deep discounts on games that might be played and will more likely be added on to your Steam Backlog Of Shame. One of the big things on sale this year is the Steam Link hardware box. The little box that connects to your TV and allows you to stream games from your beefy PC is currently being sold for £2 plus shipping, they're basically giving it away. I've had one since the last sale and must admit I've only used it a handful of times, but it is a nice thing to have the option to use, and for roughly £8-10 including all the shipping costs, it's definitely worth picking up.

A few other stand out games on sale include Dead Cells for 40%, Night in The Woods for 30% off, some slight discounts on new games like Frostpunk and Battletech, and whole franchise sales on Just Cause and Resident Evil. Something for everyone then.

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