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The Week in Gaming - 17/08/18

A weekly look at the news in the worlds of gaming


It was just a week or so ago that Fantasy Flight Games announced their Unique Deck game Keyforge and set everyone's chins a wagging, but they have already announced something along the same lines which seems even more bonkers. Discover: Lands Unknown is a Unique Game exploration game, meaning every single copy made will be completely different from every other copy in the world. I have NO idea how they're making these things on the production side of things, but this new Unique trend they have going on is really exciting.

In Discover, players will explore an island trying to find your escape, flipping over terrain and revealing cards which will unveil more locations and story. However what makes it unique is your copy might start you in an arid desert, while mine has my adventures dropped on a snowy mountain. The revealed land is different, the characters, the items, everything apart from a few staples like the meeples will be a completely unique mix to any other copy in the world.

The mind literally boggles on how they are making this thing, but it really does sound quite cool. Kind of like a procedurally generated video game, and you get to compare adventure stories with friends who will have different experiences with their own copies and game groups. This announcement also came with a snazzy new 'Unique Game' logo, which leads us to believe there are more of these coming, and I can't wait to see what they be.

For fans of old and dusty instead of new and shiny, Gale Force Nine have announced a partnership with Legendary Entertainment and the Frank Herbert Estate to publish some games based on the Dune universe. It sounds like this will be a new partnership and will not include the rights to republish the legendary Dune game from 1979, but it will span multiple years and multiple games, with the first coming out in 2019. Dune is having something of a resurgence now, with a movie remake and sequels also on the way. Hopefully this deal isn't so they can pump out poor movie tie-in games and instead we get something equally as gritty and complex as the source material.

Nintendo Switch owners who go into every comment section of every news story and ask why a game isn't on Switch yet "Rejoice", for every game is coming to switch. The Dark Souls remaster finally got a release date which will be 19th October, amazingly bad 90s FMV game Night Trap is coming out 24th August, Gone Home is being released on it's bazillionth platform and the big news this week is that Diablo 3 is going to be coming out before the end of the year. Something for everyone with that bunch.

And finally, the single most important video game news of all time was revealed this week, when Koch Media - owners of Deep Silver - announced they have purchased the rights to Timesplitters, the greatest shooter series of all time. Honestly even if they don't make a new game and just plan to re-release Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect, I'll be super happy. We sunk quite possibly thousands of hours into those 2 games back in the day and hopefully we'll all be able to play them again on modern consoles soon.


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