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X-Wing 2.0 Ship Reviews - Mining Guild TIE Fighter

The Model

For the better part of many years, I have been fond of 'taking the mick' with my Imperial loving pal, saying that all of their ships look the same. They are all black, all pointy, all have side foil bits, and are all fragile as a new born stick of butter. So, trust the Scum and Villainy faction to come to the rescue then with the best looking TIE model to date, the Mining Guild TIE fighter. These little things are bright yellow, and have a chunk cut out of each wing so they look like Pac-mans sci-fi-cousin, and are certainly unique.

The model itself is one of the better looking so far in X-Wing 2.0, with the paint job in particular being very nicely done. The ship has no moving parts, but the weathered look on the yellow ship stands out, as does the cockpit detail, and Mining Guild logo on the wings.


The Ship

Gameplay wise, this flies just like most other TIE fighters. It's quick, going up to a 5 straight, but also nimble, with the under appreciated 1 Turns both present and a 3 K-Turn for quick 180 degree repositioning. TIE fighters have always been fragile and this is no exception, coming with no shields and only 3 Hull, if you get one maneuver wrong and land in an enemy firing arc then this thing will light up quicker than toilet paper in a volcano. The one standout here though is the ship ability, Notched Stabilizers, which utilises the Mining Guild's asteroid expertise to completely ignore them during movement. This makes the ship a lot more versatile, and can open up way more repositioning moves in the middle of the board, as other ships need to be concerned with the pesky rocks, and this little thing just zips on past.


The Pilots

The Mining Guild TIE comes with 4 named pilots and 2 generics ones, offering a lot of flexibility for list building. The highest initiative among them is only 4 (out of a high of 6 so far) and they don't take up many squad points, so all the signs point to these wanting to be part of a swarm. If you want to take the named pilots, then Foreman Proach allows you to skip your shot in a round to give an enemy a tractor beam token, barrel rolling it out of the way and hopefully onto a rock. Then we have Overseer Yushyn, who has synergy with him, allowing the disarm token Proach takes to be swapped for a Stress instead, so Proach still gets to fire. Ahhav seems the most generally versatile, with his ability granting him an additional attack or defense die against ships with larger size bases than himself, though with the current meta being mostly small base lists, this might be incredibly useless depending on who you are playing against.


The Verdict

Overall I think the Mining Guild TIE is a good addition to the Scum faction, who haven't had a good swarm filler ship, or a good colourful little thing, in awhile. It does irk me a little that one of the first releases in 2.0 - that also saw an increase in per unit price for ships - is one that the official release article heavily implied you want to buy about 5 of to have any fun with. However, for now I will be content flying it as a nice looking blocker or as 2 of in a Drea swarm. The ability to completely ignore asteroids when moving is great, and helps keep it in the action, and out of enemy firing arcs, and with plenty of named pilot choices as well as generics to play about with, this small, cheap to fly TIE seems like a good bit of fun.


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