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X-Wing 2.0 Ship Reviews - Fang Fighter


The Model

The ship is the same scale as its 1st edition counterpart but now has a much more distinct colour palate, and much deeper shading on the lines making those colours pop more. The biggest change though is the ability to rotate the entire side blades of the ship around the central core, almost a full 180 degree turn in either direction. This is a huge change to the models for second edition and makes them so much cooler in my opinion, being able to position and move them about on the table gives them much more life and personality, and hopefully this is a feature they bring to more ships in the future - where it makes sense.


The Ship

The Protectorate Fang Fighter is pretty much the definition of a glass cannon. The ship has only 4 hull and 0 shields, making it almost as fragile as a basic TIE fighter, but boy can it pack a punch. The Fang does its best work when head on with an enemy at Range 1, with it's ship ability of Concordia Faceoff triggering at this range to guarantee an evade roll on defence, making these last longer than you would think. The dial helps reinforce this point with a 5 straight maneuver to really bomb forward, and with both Boost and Barrel roll actions linking into a Focus, you can smash forward, maneuver into range 1, and then take a token to really punch it home. The ship only has a Torpedo available on the generics and adding a Talent slot for the named pilots, and these work SO well with the Fearless talent, granting a guaranteed hit at Range 1, that it's almost not worth taking anything else.


The Pilots

The Fang comes with 6 pilots, 2 of which are generics and then 4 named pilots ranging from Initiative 4 to 6, including some of the best pilot abilities currently available in X-wing. First up is the main man Fenn Rau, the Mandalorian leader of the Skull squadron. He packs an almighty wallop by adding an additional dice at Range 1, meaning he is rolling 5 dice with his primary attack if he gets in close. With a Lock or Focus this becomes deadly, and the ability also adds an additional Evade die at range 1, meaning he will survive most return volleys as well. Old Teroch is the next in line and he has the powerful ability to remove all tokens from an enemy ship at Range 1. Opponent taken a Focus to try and push some extra damage? Nope, gone. Evade to try and survive? Nope, gone. It's a great ability that again requires you to get in close. The 2 Initiative 4 pilots are much more situational however, with Kad Solus allowing you Focus tokens after doing Red maneuvers like K-Turns, and Joy Rekokoff reducing enemies Evade dice if he spends a torpedo charge.


The Verdict

There is no better way to describe the Fang than as a glass cannon. It is low health, high power, and has a high skill curve to fly. It's dial is good and means the ship is nice and manoeuvrable, and the action bar is nice and usable, though it could probably do with a modification slot - but to be honest, the majority of the time I am slapping the Fearless talent on these and letting the ship, and the pilot abilities, do the work. Fenn and Old Teroch are probably some of the most powerful pilots in the game right now, a Fenn flown well can destroy pretty much anything, and Old Teroch works as either a great supporter or as a focal point in a list himself. It's no wonder these abilities are on such a fragile ship, and it's these that really define the Fang. It is incredibly powerful and effective at Range 1 when flown correctly, but get bumped, or get caught out at longer ranges, and they die VERY quickly. Overall a good looking ship that is fun to fly and will be a mainstay in Scum squadrons for awhile to come.


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