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Boards & Beer - Villainous & M-43

What better way to enjoy a Saturday than combining a great game with a great beer, with mini reviews of both!



Disney's Villainous from Ravensburger & M-43 New England IPA from Old Nation Brewing Co



In Villainous players take on the role of one of the nefarious and scheming baddies from some of Disney's most famous animated movies. With Jafar, Usula, The Queen of Hearts, and even evil sorcerer Maleficent to choose from there are plenty of options out the box. How do you win? Well, actually it's different for every villain! Using a unique deck of evil henchmen and schemes, each villain must overcome those pesky heroes to finish their evil deeds. As an example, Jafar needs to hope Aladdin and gang don't scupper his plans while he opens the Cave of Wonders, gets the Magic Lamp back to the palace, and turns the Genie into his evil henchman. This opens up plenty of gameplay choices, as straight away you have 6 characters with 6 different ways to play and win. Everything about this game from the cards, art, and even the way you play and win is so thematic to each movie, with plenty of recognisable characters and events along the way. It really is a nice touch, and the gameplay is pretty solid too, clearly a lot of thought went into this and it isn't just a licensed cash grab. The game plays quite quickly and as each character you play is different it has quite a bit of replayability. I definitely accidentally let out an evil laugh at one point as well, which is a win in my book!


Old Nation Brewing Co are a brewer out of Michigan in the US, and honestly we don't get too much US craft in the mainstream here so it's good to see a high quality (ne)IPA from across the pond reach these shores. And 'pond' is apt as it looks murky and honestly a bit odd when you pour it, but the smell is amazing and citrusy which makes you forget that pretty quickly. A solid, juicy IPA then, it's semi fruity which is nice as it doesn't try to smash you in the face with too much of those floral and citrus flavours. Overall a nice early evening starter, it's smooth, and goes down a treat, a perfect companion for playing a children's board game about Disney villains!

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