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Ep#14 - 21/10/2020 - Interview with streamer CharTang about his upcoming marathon charity stream!

Welcome to the 14th ever, and very special, episode of the Downtime Gaming Podcast, where each and every week we'll be bringing you news, reviews, and thoughts on the latest and greatest in the world of board games and videogames (mostly videogames this week!)

This week we're joined by guest Dan 'CharTang' Weller to talk about his upcoming marathon Charity Stream in aid of End Youth Homelessness (Details: https://tinyurl.com/y5d4w9zn), they'll be streaming for 24 hours solid this Saturday for your donations! He also stays on to discuss the news like the PS5 UX reveal, as well as the games we're playing which include Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy VII!

Come join in and chat all things games!

We're also literally everywhere else, but here's the links cause I'm so helpful:











Full timestamps: 

| Time | Topic

 | 0:19 | Welcome Welcome!

 | 0:44 | The big Interview! Videogame streamer CharTang joins us to talk about his upcoming charity marathon!

 | 44:37 | NEWS!

 | 45:07 | Don't Get Got SUSD Edition

 | 51:22 | Sony unveil the PS5 UX ooooo

 | 1:01:45 | WHAT WE'RE PLAYING

 | 1:02:00 | Dan on Final Fantasy XIV

 | 1:12:25 | Chris on OG Final Fantasy VII

 | 1:24:46 | Goodbyes!

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