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Ep#17 - 11/11/20 - GUESTS! 2 P's in a Pod join us to chat Positivity, Lockdown, Games, and MORE!

Welcome to the 17th ever episode of the Downtime Gaming Podcast, where each and every week we'll be bringing you news, reviews, and thoughts on the latest and greatest in the world of board games, videogames, and anything fun you can do in your hard earned downtime. 

This week we have a special and huge episode as Ben P and Kez P join us from the 2 P's In a Pod Podcast! They're specialists in positivity and wellbeing and we chat to them about the things they've been up to, as well as tips to get through Lockdown and general gaming fun! They also join us for the rest of the show including news like the Mass Effect Legendary Edition being announced, and games we played like Tell Me Why, Fallout 76, and Day of the Tentacle.

Come join in and chat all things games!

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Full timestamps: 

| Time | Topic

 | 0:19 | Welcome Welcome!

 | 1:01 | GUESTS! Ben P and Kez P join us from the 2Ps in a Pod Podcast!

Talking Positivity, Lockdown, & games

 | 49:53 | Housekeeping; CONTEST! GHIBLI!

 | 51:38 | NEWS

 | 52:22 | Spiel.Digital reveal attendance figures

 | 1:00:44 | Mass Effect Legendary collection announced

 | 1:04:28 | Next Gen! (recorded before next-gen....)

 | 1:14:27 | Ex Blizzard VPs open a Boardgame company

 | 1:15:15 | WHAT WE'RE PLAYING

 | 1:15:39 | Sam on Tell me Why

 | 1:24:50 | Kez on Day of the Tentacle

 | 1:31:21 | Ben on Fallout 76

 | 1:40:45 | Chris on Gears 5, Warzone

| 1:47:35 | GOODBYES!

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