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Ep#22 - 16/12/20 - Cyberpunk 2077, Disney, and Game Awards. Our GOTY STARTS NEXT WEEK!

Welcome to the 22nd ever episode of the Downtime Gaming Podcast, where each and every week we'll be bringing you news, reviews, and thoughts on the latest and greatest in the world of board games, videogames, and anything fun you can do in your hard earned downtime.

Short show this week as we recorded our big super game of the year shows at the weekend, tyhose are coming next week and the week after for our board and video games of the year. Get super excited! But for this week, short news burst on Cyberpunk 2077, all the news from the Disney announcements and a quick chat about The Game Awards!

We're also literally everywhere else, but here's the links cause I'm so helpful:











Full timestamps: 

| Time | Topic

| 0:19 | Welcome Welcome!

| 0:44 | Game of the Year videos start next week! Go sub to our YT!

| 6:50 | NEWS!

| 7:15 | So Cyberpunk came out....

| 15:34 | Disney announces EVERYTHING

| 28:00 | The Game Awards quick breakdown

| 35:45 | A thanks to the listeners, and Outro vibes!

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