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Ep#72 - 01/12/21 - GOTY Starts! Videogame Regrets! Black Friday!

Welcome to the 72nd Episode, of the Downtime Gaming Podcast, bringing you the news, reviews, and our thoughts, on the latest and greatest in the worlds of boardgames and videogames!

This week we're starting our Game of the Year month of celebrations with our first category of the year, and that's our biggest videogame regrets, the games we wish we played this year but didn't due to time, platform, or any number of reasons. We've also got some news like Metroid Dread speedruns, MK8 still selling well, and a new card game from the Magic The Gathering designer.

Come join the fun!


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Full Timestamps:

| Time | Topic

| 0:19 | Welcome Welcome

| 0:44 | HOST BANTS - Sport! Out!

| 7:40 | NEWS!

| 7:50 | Metroid Dread speed runners find new tricks, time down to 1h 20m

| 11:30 | MK8 best selling boxed game in the UK for Black Friday....sigh...

| 18:30 | New small card game from designer of Magic The Gathering

| 23:00 | PRE-GOTY CATEGORY: Biggest Videogame Regret of 2021

| 24:15 | Chris: Ratchet & Clank

| 28:00 | Sam: Tales of Arise

| 30:30 | Chris: Deathloop

| 33:15 | Sam: Returnal

| 43:00 | Outro!

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