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The Build - Gunpla SD Grade Unicorn Banshee Norn


My first Gunpla =D

For those not in the know (read: me until recently) Gunpla is a portmanteau (any excuse to throw that out) of 'Gundam' and 'Plastic model'. These officially licensed models cover all the crazy robot designs from the various Gundam animated movies and TV shows over the last few decades, with basically every robot in every show having multiple models to grab and build.

Each comes with in various numbers of pieces and stickers, and they are mostly push fit built and then can either be finished with the stickers, or with paints as well.

They also come in loads of different grades, including High Grade, Real Grade, Master Grade, and the big grand daddy Perfect Grade, which are absolutely huge and complex models. The one we have here though is an SD, or Super Deformed grade, which is basically a cute/chibi smaller version of one of the mechs, with easier to build parts, and more stickers to give them colour so you don't need to paint. Perfect for beginners like me!

This one is from the Gundam Unicorn show, which is a miniseries on Netflix (here in the UK at least) that I would recommend checking out!

I was surprised at how quick and easy this build was, it's definitely a good kit for beginners. It came on not many sprues, the parts were easy to take off, and the instructions while small were super clear. It did have a large number of stickers, which when doing Lego normally annoys me greatly because I am terrible at them, but here most of them went into recessed areas or covered whole parts so it was quite easy to line them up. The model also has ball jointed limbs which is cool on such a small model, which allows you to position the arms, legs, and head. And the guns and bits can also be swapped out with anything that is Real Grade apparently, though I don't have any of that stuff (YET!)

Overall I enjoyed my short time building the SD Unicorn, it was not much more complicated than a Lego set, and definitely easier than some larger things I've made, and the model itself is super cool and doesn't take up much room. There was perhaps too many stickers, and that did take up most of the time, but the end result looks pretty good!

I did however instantly go online and order the bigger RG version of the same Gundam as this one felt like it needed a buddy! New hobby acquired! (uh oh)

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