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The Build - Lego 10270 - Creator: Bookshop


Back to the Lego!

This is the first Creator Expert kit I've done and I have to say, they're pretty damn cool. The series contains houses and shops like these to make a whole city, as well as other more tricky builds like the DB5 and the buses. I wanted to dive into the city ones though as thought they would look cool as a set all built up.

Firstly, the box this comes in is massive, not quite Millennium Falcon massive, but definitely bigger than every other set I've done, which I just wasn't expecting from a couple smallish houses. The build is split into 2 manuals, one for each of the 2 buildings in the box, which are a bookshop as the name of the set implies, and an adjoining house. Each house in the set fits on one green baseplate, meaning you can place them next to each other, or separate and combine with the other Creator Expert city buildings as you like to build the city however.

Building the bookshop first, you start with the street pavement and the floor and then work your way up, unsurprisingly, as the other way round would be nigh on impossible. This is where the cool stuff really starts though, as each floor is built as a seperate entity, meaning you can detach the second or top floors to get a good look inside at all the detail when built, and then easily snap them back on.

The bookshop has loads of really cool details, I particularly love the way the spiral staircases are built, with loads of parts that don't look like they go together then forming a perfect staircase. The bookshelves themselves are also very cleverly done, with none of them actually being book pieces. The second floor is a nice reading room with more stairs up and then the third floor is a cosy loft with a bed and a pet chameleon in a tank who is super cute.

Overall the set has some fantastic little details that are really fun to build and then go back to and look at (or play with!) and the way you can easily detach each floor to get a better look at that once completed is really clever. Looking forward to building the house next door...


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