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The Build - Lego 21051 Architecture Tokyo


I promise to stop mentioning it at some point, but we went to Japan earlier in the year (pre-lockdown), and it was amazing.

So what better Lego set to get than one that depicts the Tokyo skyline and famous landmarks that we now recognise!

The package is more adult than most of the kits I am familiar with, mostly Star Wars, more akin to the Ultimate Collector Series ranges. I would say these architecture sets are probably aimed at a more mature audience then.

The box and manual are very cool, with nice colour pictures of the buildings and locations depicted, with some explanation and text as well which is good to read while building, as it helps you understand the bits you are doing. There are pictures, facts, and dates all throughout the manual as well which is cool.

The build itself is nice and quick, I did this one with my wife and it didn't take long at all. Placing pieces that we recognised was super fun as well, especially Shibuya Crossing for some reason, even though its just a few lines and bright bits of plastic it still resonates with the way the actual place looks. In fact we got so wrapped up in looking at the pics and building it that I forgot to take any in progress pics of the second half of the build, oh well! There were also a few tricky bits, like the pole section of the tallest tower, but overall nothing too bad really. Mount Fuji is awesome in the background!

Overall I would definitely recommend one of these architecture sets to people if they have been to the place depicted. There's a couple more such as London and Las Vegas and they are definitely a good entry point to this type of set, more so than jumping straight into a Taj Mahal or something huuuge.


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