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The Order of Ghiblis - #01 Arrietty

Join us as we watch and rank every Studio Ghibli movie!

First up, Arrietty (2010)


The Summary

Inspired by Mary Norton’s classic children’s book The Borrowers, tiny 14 year old Arrietty lives under the floorboards of an old house with her father and mother. Their peaceful life is dramatically changed when the ever curious Arrietty accidentally allows herself to be seen by Sho, a poorly and lonesome 12 year old human boy.

The Watch

First things first, Arrietty (the film, not the character, that would be weird) is gorgeous. The colour in this film positively pops and the animation moves so smoothly. I don't want to put too much emphasis on this though as it might just mean more points by default for the newer movies. The music and soundtrack are also both stellar, with some amazing songs that really set the scenes they are in, especially in sections where there is no dialogue. But why am I starting with how it looks and sounds as opposed to what the movie is like?

Well... It's just the Borrowers.

Now I know most/all of Ghibli's movies are based on other books and stories, but not ones that we are generally familiar with on these shores so they seem and feel new. However here in ol'Blighty, the Borrowers is a well known book and show, and seeing it portrayed in a slightly different way, while fun, is not as engaging. The plot is familiar, as are the characters, and nothing particularly stands out in that regard.

Also to note, in the UK English dub some of the voice acting is super wonky, with a young Tom Holland (yes, Spiderman himself) as Sho being particularly distracting (and not in a good way).

Overall it's a good movie, that looks and sounds great, but maybe slightly too long and not anything new to UK and English audiences familiar with the source material.


As if by the magic of 'going first', Arrietty is now the BEST Ghibli movie, ever made.


As if by similar magic, Arrietty is also the WORST Ghibli movie, ever made.

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