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The Order of Ghiblis - Intro



Studio Ghibli have been making incredible and beloved animated movies for decades now, with legendary director Hayao Miyazaki and his teams pumping out children's classics, family friendly tales, and even tackling some real serious topics.

But which one is the best? Which would we recommend to someone who hasn't seen any of them? Are they any good?

No idea, so many, and YES are those answers respectively.

But, the only way to find out the first answers is to watch and then rank all of them one by one and post them here for all to see, agree, and argue about. This definitive and incredibly serious and official list will be known as 'THE ORDER OF GHIBLIS'.


Watching them all and then ranking them would be an ABSOLUTE nightmare, as there are so many classics and interesting tales that it's so hard to place some of them, so we're going to be doing this one at a time.

  • The first movie we watch will default to first and last place on THE ORDER.

  • From the second movie onwards, once we finish watching a movie we will then place it at the bottom of the list and ask a simple question - "Is this better than the movie above it?"

  • If the answer is "Yes!", it will move up the chain, where we will then ask the question again for the next movie above it.

  • We do this until it either reaches the top and becomes the new number 1, or the answer is a "No!" and we have found that movies place in THE ORDER.

  • Once locked in THE ORDER cannot be moved or amended! Each time we can only move the new movie up or down until it has a place, this will prevent us from second guessing ourselves or tinkering the results at all, and leave THE ORDER as a set in stone list that was created with the initial feelings after watching each one.

Plot, visuals, soundtrack, characters, how we're feeling, if we would want to watch it again, would we recommend it will all factor in to the placements. We've got an initial watch order, that is basically alphabetical with a few exceptions, and will be starting with Arrietty shortly!

So join us as we delve into the magical worlds of Studio Ghibli!

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