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X-Wing Ship Reviews - Lando's Millennium Falcon

The Model

Probably THE most recognisable space ship in existence (sorry Trekkies) you'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't know the Millennium Falcon. This is probably the 4'327th times it's been released in toy form, but this one in particular is modelled after it's appearance in the HIT MOTION PICTURE, Solo: A Star Wars Story. That means it includes the docked escape shuttle from that one scene, which kind of makes the shape all weird. What's cool here though is the shuttle actually does dock on the model, and can also be removed and has its own base for flying around in game. The model is detailed and well coloured, sticking faithfully to the version of the Falcon shown in the movie. It's not as worn and beat up as the Millennium Falcon most people will know from the older movies, but that at least makes it slightly different enough to be a separate model instead of releasing the exact same thing again and again.


The Ship

Gameplay wise the Falcon is a large based ship for the Scum and Villainy faction, as it's owned by Lando here, before being nicked by Han. It has 11 total health which is a lot, but also only 1 evasion dice so if it gets focus fired then it tends to die rather quickly. It also has a primary weapon turret, meaning it can either shoot forwards and backwards, or side to side, though with only a 2 dice attack it does lack some punch for a big ship. The only repositioning action it has is a red boost, and though it's dial is not too bad there aren't many blues to clear that stress. As for upgrades, it can take a whole load of options as would be expected from a large ship, including 2 crew, gunners, missiles, modifications, illicit upgrades and more. The detached shuttle is a small flimsy little thing with a bad dial which blows up easily. However, it has its place as a great support ship as it is cheap to add to a squad and it has the all important coordinate action, allowing it to give an additional action activation to another friendly ship who can make better use of it.


The Pilots

For the Falcon itself we get 3 named pilots and one generic, and also 4 total pilots for the shuttle. The named pilots are all from the HIT MOTION PICTURE, Solo: A Star Wars Story, so will be instantly recognisable I'm sure. First up is Han Solo, who has an OK ability and the highest initiative in the game, 6, making sure he always moves last and SHOOTS FIRST. His ability allows him an extra dice when a shot is obstructed, by an asteroid and the like. Its always good to get extra dice but this also means your opponent is getting an extra evade dice. It works better in conjunction with other upgrades like the talent Trick Shot (giving another dice) to really make use of the advantage. Next up is Lando who has a built in reroll ability, which is always powerful, and this allows him to take other actions and still be able to modify dice for attacking to push extra damage. Lastly we have the robo buddy, L337, who turns all the turn maneuvers on the dial blue once you lose your shields, making it easier to clear stress and subsequently do more red actions and maneuvers. These hit characters also come in various crew forms, and one in particular is great. Having Han Solo in the gunner slot allows the ship to take a red focus action as it activates, and anything in this game that grants extra actions is powerful, allowing the ship he is on (like a Firespray flown by Boba Fett for example...) to reposition or take a target lock for firing missiles and still get a focus token as well. As for the shuttle, Lando and L337 as pilots here keep the same abilities they offer the Falcon when flying it, because of course they do I guess.


The Verdict

Lando's Millennium Falcon is in a strange place right now. It has some viability in the game but it isn't quite the powerhouse you would expect from a main movie ship, like the X-Wings tend to be. The fact it has only 1 evasion dice and a large base really means that it needs to be flown incredibly well, or among a host of support ships, otherwise focus fire from an enemy squad can rip it apart very quickly. I would have liked to see a 3 die attack primary as well for the cost and size but I can understand why they didn't due to Han's ability. As it is if he takes Trick Shot, and can get Range 1 of an enemy with an asteroid in the way that is a 5 dice attack, though incredibly rare, it can be powerful. Some of the upgrade cards in the pack are incredibly powerful though and definitely see play, especially Han as a Gunner. Lando might be the better pilot to take as he is cheaper and gets natural re-rolls but there haven't been any lists that really take advantage of it yet. The shuttle is a cool addition and I like the fact in this pack you basically get 2 ships, and you can fly the shuttle with completely different ships, you don't have to take it with the Falcon. Overall I would recommend it as a purchase, the model is cool and the pilots can be fun, it's not as powerful as it should be but that shouldn't stand in the way. Also to mention, if you have the Rebel or Resistance conversion kits you can also fly this in those armies using those pilot cards and bases, so it can double up if you are playing more than one faction which increases it's value somewhat I'd say.

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