The First Hour Of...

A series where I take a look at the opening hour of some games, old and new, and see whether they are fun, whether it's worth playing more, or whether I've had enough.

There are so many games coming out at such a clip, it's impossible to play them all. With free time at a premium these days, if something doesn't grab me right away, then it's time to move on.

I can't take any more of "oh, that game becomes REALLY good around 12 hours in", so let's discover what games grab you straight from the start and make you want to keep playing.

Cut down 20-40m edits on Youtube 

All games purchased by myself unless otherwise stated

Resident Evil 2


Resident Evil 2 is a full blown remaster of Capcom's survival horror classic from two decades ago. Completely rebuilt from the ground up in the RE7 engine, the game looks impressive but has the same atmosphere and survival elements of the Playstation One original. Let's take a look at the first hour, and see if it's worth sticking with beyond that.



Just Cause 4 is the latest in Avalanche Games' blow-up-everything-in-sight-a-thon series. With very little marketing and being thrown out the same week as Super Smash Bros I was curious if it hit the same highs as some of its earlier entries.



Developed by Trinket Studios, Battle Chef Brigade is a brawler and puzzle video game that tasks players with beating up animals to get ingredients and then taking to Kitchen Coliseum to battle other chefs in a match-style puzzle game.



Developed by Two Point Studios This spiritual successor to the Bullfrog classic Theme Hospital has been a long time coming. With the pedigree of the original game involved in making this one, let's take a look and see if it holds up, and whether it scratches the same itch, making me want to play more, and more, and ...



A look into the First Hour Of... DEAD CELLS, PC, 2018

This rogue-like (-lite? who knows) has been in Early Access for well over a year but is now finally out. Is it fun and worth playing? Let's check out the first hour and see if we want to play more.

Note: This video was recorded shortly before final release, the game was in Early Access but pretty much finished. It's now out for general release on multiple platforms.